Child of the Future

Mirage 1: Students describe 2 pictures.
Students locate the different elements of the picture using the given words or expressions
Vocabulary is provided on different slides to help students carry out the task.
Get the PDF « Picture description »

Mirage 2: Students read and listen to a story related to a picture
Students predict the story from the illustration
Students scan the illustration
Students listen to the story while reading it
Get the PDF « Picture, Read and Listen »

Mirage 3 : Students listen to a text as they read it
Students scan the text, and obtain an audio version of the text
Students with special needs (dyslexic students)
Get the PDF « Listen and Read »

Mirage 4 : students work in pairs to fill in the blanks
Student A scans the document with plugged earphones.
Student A listens to the audio story with earphones
Student A repeats the sentences to student B
Student B fills in the written text with the missing words
Get the PDF The Epilogue-audio-blanks